The next thing you have to do think about after you have tackled selecting your dream wedding venue is the food. Unfortunately, your dream wedding cake won’t keep your guest’s from getting hungry, no matter how beautiful it is. This is where a wedding catering company comes into play.?? 

If you don’t know how to hire the ideal catering in Lakeland FL, here are several questions you should ask:? 

What Catering Styles Do They Provide?? 

You have several choices when it comes to serving style. The style you pick will have an impact on the cost and the atmosphere of your venue. Thus, you will have to consider this well.?? 

The most well-known styles include:? 

Cocktail Style – The cocktail style is certainly the most modern choice. Instead of serving full meals, the caterer will serve hors d’oeuvres.? 

Family-Style – The family-style catering option is a more comfortable one where guests pass the dishes around. However, it can get a bit chaotic. Thus, this style is best for smaller table groups.?? 

Buffet – You might choose a buffet if you are okay with something a little more casual. In this style, the guests will have to serve themselves. The advantage of this is that you will not have to waste a lot of food since your guests will choose their own portion sizes.?? 

Can You Select Our Own Menus?? 

Typically, wedding caterers are ready to make adjustments in their menu to fit your guests and you. Are your guests more likely to be amazed by brownies instead of truffles? Would you prefer chicken to fish? If your caterer is not willing to make several changes in their menu, they might not be the best one for your wedding. Keep in mind that several caterers have fixed menus. Thus, you have to let them answer the question first before you continue.?? 

?Do They Provide Options for Guests with Unique Restrictions?? 

It is crucial to accommodate the dietary restrictions and food allergies of your guests. Thus, you have to ensure you check if your wedding caterer is able to offer alternatives for nut-, meat-, dairy-, and gluten-free meals.?? 

Can Guests Pick Their Entrees?? 

You have to ask the wedding caterer if they are fine with it before you give your family and friends the option to pick between steak, chicken, or seafood. If you provide your guests choices, it will mean that the caterer has to produce various mains. Thus, it is always better to let them know beforehand.?? 

Can You Cut the Cost?? 

A professional caterer is knowledgeable in the food world. Thus, they will know that is in season. For those who don’t know, if something is in season, it means it is cheaper. They will also know how to add and omit particular dishes to cut the cost a little.?? 

Have They Catered at the Venue Before?? 

You have to know if the caterer has catered with your planned venue. This will ensure that the caterer will have fewer mistakes during the event.??